Reviewer 1: “I think it looks great! Everything is easy to understand and all your activities and forms of evaluation make sense.”

Reviewer 2: “I like this new design. I think all the activities are around the topic personal relationship. This makes the whole design more meaningful and relevant to students and these are good for language learning. The expected learning outcomes are narrated in a more clear and precise way. I especially like that you offered students some learning strategies, which will be helpful for their future leaning as teaching them to learn “learning”. Also I find some formative assessment and reflection pieces, these are also great instruction activities for language learning based on my own experience. These activities help students to not only memorize new words but also use the new words. I just had a one quick question on page 7. One of the key learning outcome is to predict 60%-70% of the plot of the movie. I am not sure what the purpose of this is, as it may be related to students’ other skills not about language? Overall I think you did an awesome job!!”

Reviewer 3: “Your storyboard looks great! I liked how you kept the Spanish instruction close to its original form, but enhanced it with instructional design strategies (reflection, review objectives). I think students will respond to that well. There are minimal comments on the storyboard. The only element that I did not see you address in either storyboard was the textbook. Is this particular textbook appropriate to the material? Do you have to use this textbook for a specific reason? Usefulness/ support of the textbook may be an element to add to your rubric.”


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