Another 2.5 hours, and mu storyboard is complete. I again sent it to the 3 reviewers to take a look and possibly comment. This time I had to create two new storyboards in place of the previous grammar section and a section that duplicated watching the movie in class. So this requires certain intellectual efforts.

My biggest struggle was to create a debrief activity. Because it is something that has to synthesize many things learned in the two class sessions, it should be done meaningfully. So I decided to do 2 activities: first, students share what universal principles they learned in the 3 hours of instruction; second, students answer “what-if” questions asked by the teacher that promote higher order thinking and transfer.

After I’ve finalized the storyboard and did the rubric thing, I realized there is one big gap that I simply overlooked. That is—students’ introductions. This is a new group, perhaps most people don’t know each other, so any ice breaking activity would do the job. However, it might have taken up to 25 minutes—half of the class—so my solution was to implement name tags so that students get to know each other while doing pair activities together.

In general, I am happy with what I have. I was able to improve the instruction and explain the steps I decided to make instead of the ones that were done initially in January. I’ll see what reviewers have to say and then perhaps make some minor adjustments. I don’t think the storyboard will require any major changes.


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