It took me a bit more than 6 hours to put together the initial storyboarding. What did I learn from doing it?

  • It is hard to find appropriate images, you need to generalize the picture of what is happening in the classroom
  • Each frame takes 20–30 minutes
  • It is important to give credit to what has happened in the instruction, without blindly criticizing everything
  • Assessment with the use of rubrics is something I haven’t done before with so much detail; it was hard
  • The final slide was the flowchart (though it is in the beginning of the presentation), because I had to abstract from what I’ve outlined in the frames and conceptualize the sequence that the teacher followed in his Spanish classes in January 2016

I already asked 2 people to review my initial storyboard. I am happy with what I have, but another person’s look will always show you where you weren’t very clear.


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