What happens if I copy text from Word and insert it in Moodle?

It will work out just fine, even with tables!

And even with hyperlinks, let alone colors. This is the print screen of the Calendar for the Sports module that I and my collaborating teacher worked on, which was completely created in MSFT Word:

examples of a calendar copy-paste

Print screen of the calendar created in MS Word

I was very nervous if it would work out, ’cause it is particularly hard to create a table anew directly on the Moodle platform. Yet a simple copy-paste technique worked out pretty well.

All one needs to do is to go to the editing mode, choose a page (or create one) where we intend to copy-paste text, and there we go. The advantage of doing this is that we create a document on our PC, so we already have a copy on our computer. Also, this will be in our Moodle by a simple combination of certain buttons. Incredibly easy. I encourage to create stuff in Word and then copy and paste it in your Moodle.


3 thoughts on “What happens if I copy text from Word and insert it in Moodle?

  1. That’s pretty awesome! One of the things I hate about using a different, new technology is changing everything over to it. Often, especially with tables, hyperlinks, and colors, all of the formatting gets messed up, and I end up having to create it again from scratch. This would definitely save time and entice me to try out Moodle due to the ease of the transition.

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  2. Awesome! The most inconvenience of using Google Docs is that when I copy-paste the articles either from or into Google Docs, the tables and bullet points will disappear, and I have to edit the format again. Moodle is very great considering to keep the format of copy-paste. I like it! Thanks for sharing!

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