Is it easy to create a test in Moodle?

Yes, it is super easy only if you have Moodle and set up (which is the hardest part).

Before I submit below the *.pdf of 7 steps of how to create a quiz, I want to say that the hardest part in Moodle is to . . . create a Moodle website. The official site — — is a community of people. If you sign up there, it doesn’t mean anything and you won’t be able to use the Moodle functionality. What is important is Moodle Cloud, that’s where fun starts. Still, the easiest way is to buy a website and build on it, so to speak embed Moodle into it. It took me a day to realize that, no YouTube videos helped. It was that a-ha moment after hours of sweat.

So once we’re done with our website and adjusted all the plugins and stuff, it’s time to create a new quiz! I think it is actually simple. Moodle has a variety of question types which allows for the teacher to create almost everything. Here is the screen shot of the real quiz that’s already in the system for my 611 tech project:

6--example of a test

And now, take a look at this PDF to learn the easy 7 steps to create a quiz in Moodle.

Create a test in Moodle — Yuri Pavlov

Take care!


3 thoughts on “Is it easy to create a test in Moodle?

  1. I like that you have the opportunity in Moodle to leave feedback to the student for each question. That way, they immediately know what they got wrong as well as an explanation of why they got those questions wrong. I think it would be a really great tool to use to help students prepare for texts. The layout looks more intimidating from afar than it really is: it seems to function about the same way as Google Forms.

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  2. The pdf shows clearly and is easy to understand. I like the functions of Moodle that provides what I need. When I was doing on wiki, I cannot even find where to start a quiz! But Moodle allow s to create a quiz, give feedbacks and evaluate the answers. It’s really great!

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  3. The instructions you posted make it look very easy indeed. It’s very similar to creating question banks in Articulate Storyline. I’m going to be creating some online training modules soon and will have to decide if I want to create the quizzes from within the application of use this functionality in Moodle.

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