IDE_552–Journal Entry 9

~This is for IDE_552 class~

It’s Week 10 and our websites should be ready in 5 weeks. Now I don’t believe it’s possible, only if Celestia provides us with even more scaffolding that she’s already provided. Last week we had a cheat sheet to help us develop our site. With it, our websites will all look alike. As long as it’s okay, I’m fine too.

I wish I learned more about CSS and how to work with it, because it’s a great thing to know for our future work. In blog posts and personal websites, knowing the basics is better and cheaper than asking external help. Especially if the things are minor such as font color and size.

I still like the idea with the video; however, how can one produce a nice video that will convey the message for the portfolio? Maybe for a future site about Translation Studies, if I ever happen to create it, My self-efficacy is low at this point, especially because there is so much information online already.


One thought on “IDE_552–Journal Entry 9

  1. Embedding video to webpages is a great skill! You need to practice it along with converting video files into formats with appropriate size.


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