IDE_552–Journal Entry 8

~This is for IDE_552 class~

The photoshop class last Thursday was my first attempt at playing with this wonderful tool. Although it seems a complex system, it allows to do virtually anything with images. Even though I won’t need my site many pictures for my website, this introductory session was highly valuable.

Another new concept for me was html color codes. It’s a combination of the “#” sign and a 6-symbol code comprised of numbers and letters.  For example, #FF0000 is for intense red. Celestia doesn’t particularly like the idea of describing colors (such as
“yellow-ish” or “dark blue”), because it’s extremely vague, whereas the concrete classified number gives the exact idea of the color.

I have this idea instilled in my mind about working on a Translation Studies page, which will look nice and clean and can be used by others, although when I think about whether somebody will use it, so many doubts emerge and I can’t let go of that feeling if future useless. Perhaps, concentrating on the Portfolio is a better strategy,


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