Should MOOC’s credits be transferable in actual institutions of higher learning?

Yes, I think so.

I think that if a person received a certificate for a MOOC–which usually involves not only viewing the lectures but also participating in online discussions, completing activities, reading assigned materials, and paying some money for the certificate–s/he should be able to transfer those credits to an institution of higher learning.

My reasoning behind it is simple: (a) Online courses on MOOCs are provided by respected universities and professors; (b) Completing a course requires meeting deadlines, doing tests, and submitting homework; (c) Getting an official certificate is not a ‘by default’ option, plus not all courses provide certificates. Taking into account how few people actually complete a course, these are motivated and disciplined people who know what they need and want from life. Should they choose to go to a university where they need to take the same course there, they should be able to have this certificate transferable.

Transferring credits in actual universities will allow to synchronize what is being taught at universities and what is offered in MOOCs. It will also raise the prestige of MOOCs and probably raise the bar for completing certain online courses. In addition, I wouldn’t worry too much that a person would want to transfer as many courses as s/he wants (hence, save money to be paid to the university), because most online courses are beginner’s level courses (introductions), so there is little chance that, for example, a graduate student will find an online course that his or her gradschool will let him/her transfer. I also think that such certificates demonstrate to the university how dedicated and committed the student is, if s/he has spent his or her time to complete an online course on his/her own. I see only pluses.

P.S. Since this was my last post about MOOCs, I have to admit that this topic has become even more interesting to me than before. I believe MOOCs are not a harbinger of the future, they are our future–in the sense that they add up to what it means to be a learner. I don’t see them replacing traditional institutions of higher learning, but I view them as a door of opportunities to millions of people around the world.

P.P.S. My next topic is still not approved; however, I want to focus of a learning management platform–Moodle. I do a tech project related to this platform, so it would make so much sense to reflect on what I’m involved in rather than on something unrelated.


4 thoughts on “Should MOOC’s credits be transferable in actual institutions of higher learning?

  1. I think you raise some interesting points. After reading everything you had to say, I agree with you. I think MOOCs should be transferrable into institutions of higher learning. I think transferring credits from MOOCs to higher education will definitely raise awareness and the prestige of MOOCs. Also, most universities have a limit with how many transfer credits they will accept. I am working with Moodle on my project so I am very curious to read what you will post about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about MOOCs and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    • Thank you Rachel. I didn’t know that universities have a limit of credits they accept. Which makes a lot of sense. With Moodle, my project is about incorporating it into a Belarusian high school to motivate children to work independently and not rely on “teacher’s books” when doing homework in English.


  2. As your last post, I have to say I have learned very much about MOOC’s that I never knew before. I have to agree with you that if someone is going to make the effort and put the work in to complete the class, than they should be granted credit at a University if they wish to do so. I believe this because, like you said, many people do not finish classes they enroll in so the people that do finish should be rewarded somehow. They are doing a similar amount of work that a student at a University is doing so they should allowed to be granted with the same level of credit. The learner is not only doing the work, but they are also paying some type of money to receive the certificate. I think that a student should not have to retake a class they are already taking, that does not make much sense to me.

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