IDE_552–Journal Entry 5

~This is for IDE_552 class~

There is another great website which is beautifully designed and spot-on:  Small PDF. Not only is it provides the expected free services, but is it well-done: Clean, ads-free, with a menu bar attached at the top, calm colors (different for different pieces of activity) and a nice pictographs. It communicates the goal: Come to our website to do whatever manipulations you need with your image documents. Astonishing in its simplicity and so handy.

I also used some html already for my blog purposes–when I had to submit a draft of the Behaviorism Knowledge Base, I wanted to add some headline code and some color style, which are not readily available in WordPress. So I did–with no blocks on my way. It’s nice to apply the things you’ve just learned in the real practice.

I still don’t know how I want my portfolio website to look like. I also do not see that in 4-5 weeks the mock-up of the website will be done. Is it even possible? There’s so much to learn still.


One thought on “IDE_552–Journal Entry 5

  1. I think that presentations of websites can really affect the way a person views it and really whether or not they stay on that website for information. Sometimes having to much can hinder a persons view, but also having too little can do the same thing; it is tricky to get the amount of information, pictures, colors, etc. just right. Making the website easy to navigate, I believe, is very important because if a person is unable to find the information the are looking for on the page then they will leave it. You had some great points!!


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