IDE_552–Journal Entry 4

~This is for IDE_552 class~

This week website evaluation for IDE611 class made me think about the rubric that helps evaluate a website. The rubric was pretty long; however, the main point is consistency with your goals. If your goal is to make a website that shows one’s portfolio, then do not deviate from the target audience (professors of the department or possible collaborators/ employers). This is a piece of work that shows you in a good light—that’s it. You do not teach, do not learn, do not have fun, you use it to be able to “sell” yourself. Content, visual things, navigation all have to build up to that.

The website I had to evaluate belongs to one NYC public school. It’s a bad site, really bad in so many more ways than one. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of criticizing the website because you don’t like it. In reality, the criticism is about usability and a lot of useless words and graphics that makes a small site over-complicated. Everything is on one page—too bad. So much so that myself as a user wanted to click away from it as fast as possible. It’s a fear I have about my website: What if I won’t be able to edit myself and spew everything out on the front page? How do I edit myself? That rubric with 30+ points to check is a valuable tool.


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