What was my experience with online courses on MOOCs?

Of all the courses taken, I completed only one–and absolutely not on time.

In the last four years, I subscribed to seven online courses on various MOOCs: (1) Introduction to Ancient Greek History provided by OYC; (2) The Ancient Greeks provided by Coursera; (3) Greek and Roman Mythology provided by Coursera; (4) Introduction to Public Speaking provided by Coursera; (5) Modern & Contemporary American Poetry provided by Coursera; (6) Introduction to Theory of Literature provided by OYC; and (7) Introduction to Dutch provided by Future Learn.

The primary reason to do so was to expand knowledge in the spheres that were of particular interest to me, in particular the culture of Ancient Greece and Literature. I was able to complete the first one with Pr. Kagan from Yale University in three years. With two courses, I was close to the end (#2 and #3), and the rest I watched only a few lectures.

My goal was never to get a certificate, instead I was looking for alternative views on the topics I was familiar with in my previous studies of Ancient Greek. With Public Speaking, I watched only 3 weeks out of the assigned 10, and those introductory lectures were the most important for me in terms of practicality (judging by the course syllabus).

The last three on the list (##5-7) I either watched 1 or 2 lectures or not even opened (Dutch). The reason being, I did not have time. I think my major problem with not completing certain courses is overestimation of my capacities. Being a full-time student as I was for most of my life (combining with working full-time), I simply did not have enough hours in the day and physical strength to complete those. One more reason was that I was bought into the great names of the courses. The idea of taking them was much stronger than the actual desire to take them. In my mind, I already took them, but reality came in, and it was hard to juggle everything.

I plan to get back to those courses later. Perhaps when I’m 56 and I’m no longer a student LOL

Take care : )


7 thoughts on “What was my experience with online courses on MOOCs?

  1. I have never taken any MOOCs so it was interesting to hear about your experience. MOOCs seem like a great way for people to explore their interests and take classes that they may not be able to while they are in school. I definitely undertand how it was hard to take the courses all while being a student and working full time. I think MOOCs are a great thing to explore after a person finishes school but still wants to continue learning.

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    • Yes, you’re spot-on. You need to have time to do courses, otherwise it is all in vain. A lot of things are forgotten, and you do not have a bird-eye view of the academic discipline if you’re taking only a few classes from the course. However, if I had to pay for those courses, I would absolutely die but complete them LOL


  2. Personally I have no experience in taking any MOOC classes but I will say that I seem to really like the flexibility of the courses. It seems like you take out what you want in the course and use it for personal reasons rather than learning because you have to in order to get a good grade. I think learning in this manner makes learning much more enjoyable. I like the fact that you can learn as much as you want too and can decide to learn more about the subject that you truly enjoy!! Thank you for the information and update!


    • Thank for the comment Maggie! Right, some people take courses because they desperately need them, I was taking them because they stuck a cord with me and the “behaviorism reinforcement” in the form of a certificate meant so little to me. Perhaps you will use some courses in the future for pleasure) They are fun. ))


  3. Hi Yuri, I agree with you on MOOCS; I don’t have much extra time as a student, but once I am old and miss my youth, I’ll probably pick it up again! MOOCs could be a fun thing to do with a partner as well. Because I tell everyone about the language learning app duolingo, I have another friend learning Spanish with me, and my sister is learning Italian. When we talk, we’re always competing to see who has made the most progress!

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  4. As an international student, it is my first time learning something about MOOCs. MOOC is short for Massive Open Online Course based on online sources. It is an online course aimed at participation and open access through the web. Recently, MOOCs are utilized widely in distance education.
    People pay a large amount of money and attend a lot of tanning classes to receive a certificate in most situations. However, you mentioned that your goal was never to get a certificate in your blog which impressed me deeply. From my perspective, you must be really interested in the field of Ancient Greek. I think in this way you must also have some special study experience. As an international student, I also need to try my best and become really interested in English same as the way you learned Greek. Thank you for sharing the story!


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