IDE_552–Journal Entry 3

~This is for IDE_552 class~

After Class 3, I realized I had little awareness about web accessibility. I simply never paid any attention to it, but this is great–to organize your content in such a way that will make it possible for people with disabilities to access and consume. I saw some people of Facebook doing that: If they post a picture, the post then, “Picture. [Description].” Very mindful and actually so just towards all people. I know that I will incorporate that to my final portfolio.

We also started working on html, for some reason, I knew those basic things the teacher covered, but do not remember where I know it from. Perhaps we did something similar in my bachelor’s program, I just do not remember. Definitely looking forward to the next class.

I liked one website particularly this week– that develops websites. It is a great site with great tools to offer to its clients (in Russian though). Colors and fonts are all aligned. A very good one.


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