IDE_552–Journal Entry 2

~This is for IDE_552 class~

After Class 2 with Professor, there was a nice rubric one can use to assess the quality of a website. I liked that rubric a lot, because it gave the foundations of things, not minor unrelated categories. So what were these?

  1. Clear purpose (content is catered to a specific audience)
  2. Communication (purpose is clearly communicated to a visitor)
  3. Typefaces and readability (font style, font size, line spacing, use of italics and bald, contrast of the text and the background; in our website we should imagine that we write for Twitter)
  4. Colors (up to 5 colors that are in harmony with each other; the website should clearly has a signature color)
  5. Images (vs. heavy text; + icons)
  6. Navigation (user has to know from the beginning where to go, 3-clicks away rule but we want a visitor to keep clicking)
  7. Grid-based layouts (whatever that is)
  8. F pattern design
  9. Load time (pictures 20KB max, clean code)
  10. Mobile-friendly
  11. Accessibility (optimized in Google, logo, favocon in the search of the browser, directory)

The professor said she liked websites without a “sandwich” menu icon (three horizontal lines one under another), because it creates an additional click (undesirable). It’s good when a menu bar is always visible for the visitor so that s/he can navigate wherever s/he wants.

I thought also of the Wired website as a very good example of web design: Clear, cluster-looking. I like that hyperlinks in articles are just a thick light blueish underline versus a different color of the text.

National Geographic newsletters (“Sunday Stills”) are a source of inspiration. In their recent one, there is a nice play with colors, which is a great way to stop a reader, drop a jaw, and enjoy.

Will try to find more examples about the text-based websites throughout the week.


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