IDE_552–Journal Entry 1

~This is for IDE_552 class~

Week 2 made me think and reflect on what websites are good and what makes them good. It was not until Class 2 when we were introduced to the evaluating rubric that it got much clearer why certain websites look more appealing as opposed to others.

Some good sites were introduced during Class 1 by the peers, among them Wegmans, Instagram, Mucca, 7 Hills Center, Warby Parker, Student Universe, Foodnetwork, Ready Set Eat, EPAM, Fathers Incorporated, etc. When working in pairs, Andrew and I discussed the following perks of what we thought to be good examples:

  • easy to navigate [intuitive navigation]
  • nice breakdown of offers
  • calculator
  • calm switch between colors
  • obvious brand color [play with the shades of blue]
  • little text or text is simplified into infographics
  • visually driven website
  • style is coherent
  • website has its philosophy

Some websites were obviously bad: LingsCars, Myslice of SU, Anchor House, BelAU, Yahoo, etc. This time, however, our understanding of why we did not like the site was simply judgmental:

  • there is no clear audience / purpose
  • design is bland
  • heavy on text
  • complex navigation or, vice versa, everything was on the front page

Thinking of my own website, I was looking into some websites that has strong visual content, such as or National Geographic. Both are picture heavy but look very clean and make me scroll for hours on end. Nonetheless, my idea for a website which will aggravate resources for students majoring in Translation Studies cannot be picture-heavy by definition. Hence, such websites as The New York Times or The Washington Post came in handy. Theirs is a broad reading audience, and I thought this could be an efficient way of presenting some materials on the website, especially because multiple examples are and will be used for students from media.

There is a website by a Translation Studies professor based in Moscow–Pr. Yermolovich (link). Contentwise, it is superb, designwise it is lame. Only strong motivation holds me glued to it. Some nice materials are found in the blog of one of the Russian translators (link), but this is a clearly multi-purposes outlet for her, not specifically dedicated to translation. No balance at all…

But after all, I need a website for my IDD&E portfolio, so I’d better focus on that.


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